Monday, July 16, 2007

Ed Heeney for Florida State Senator - District 27

Secret meetings cloistered in private homes after public meeting for Gay recruitment and U.S. Postal Service averted by Gay Pony Express.
Florida State Senator Candidate Ed Heeney uncovers unnoticed plot to use public monies to fund Stonewall Library Archives to house at a larger existing public library.
History of Stonewall Exhibition allegedly began in Philadelphia.
Homosexual Male Erotica featuring nude male photos and explicit Gay sex acts are the primary topic needing to be addressed in this report.
Library in this video omitted that the private personals of men would be shown. There was no disclaimer protecting minors from entering the advertised "Book Review."
The Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, Jim Naugle, attempted to block this move by voting against it. He was outvoted by the present city commission in favor of the Gay expedition.
It should be noted that Ft. Lauderdale is the number one (#1) destination in the world for the Gay Community according to all known surveys. Florida has four (4) of the Top Ten (10) destinations for Gays to travel, visit, congregate and reside. The others being South Beach, Key West and Jacksonville, irrespectively.
It appears that a city and other organizations in the Great State of Florida is funding the Homosexual Male Erotica library which has given Stonewall group a new library soon to open.
A Rally is planned the Gay Community to March on City Hall in protest of Mayor Naugle’s recent plan to install Robotic Toilets on the public beach. The restrooms are designed to keep Gay couples or acquaintences from performing sexual acts in the lew. The cost is approximately $250,000 for the toilet.
It has been discovered that protesting groups bus people from other cities to stage a protest then return to their home or another city. These miscreants "… don’t reproduce, only seduce those they recruit," Heeney has said many times publicly.
Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate Bill Smatts, 76 years old, has decried the Gays in the Miami Beach / South Beach area. Mr. Smatts promises that when he is elected the Gay males "touching each others crotches in public" will be "arrested."
Homosexuals have finally gotten into Florida’s deep public pockets because
Florida taxpayers are paying for Gays to join and view secret Mattachine (sp?) Underground Society to have access to lewd photos and explicit sex acts all in the name of "Art."
This move will make Ft. Lauderdale have the largest Gay Cultural Center in the world with the largest collection of book and magazine titles in American history.
Thought you ought to know what is going on nearby and coming to your city soon.
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